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Who Is Granny Nang?

Granny Nang is a fanatic for baking and culinary infusions. She has worked for such names as; Cristoforo di Messisbugo and Bartolomeo Scappi, during an era when cream was painstakingly whipped by hand!

Luckily things are much more convenient in the modern era and Granny Nang is now able to offer instant whipped cream, culinary infusions and so much more. With FREE 24/7 Delivery in Sydney* and access to loads of recipes. You will be infusing like a professional in no time at all!

For recipes and other amazing creations you can master using your nitrous oxide cannisters please don't hesitate to contact Granny Nang, she is always happy to answer your questions and help you with all of your baking, culinary and infusion needs!

*conditions apply